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Reblogged this on Helena Grinebiter and commented: Essential Knit Crew More colors available Price: Elaine Brown assumed her role as the first and only female leader of the Black Panther Party with these words: Michael S Super Reviewer.

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Aug 12,  · The impassioned author of that blog, Pink Is for Boys, is careful to conceal her son’s identity, as were the other parents interviewed for this much as these parents want to nurture.
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It's no secret I love the weather here in the Bay Area, one day we'll get an degree dose of blazing sunshine perfect for spring days by the pool, and the next we'll be back into the 60's .
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Initially, Wonder Woman was an Amazon champion who wins the right to return Steve Trevor – a United States intelligence officer whose plane had crashed on the Amazons' isolated island homeland – to

Little did I know, I was making it worse! I developed an allergy to Neosporin , and didn't realise it until I used the ointment elsewhere! Eventually, just putting my earrings into the piercing became painful, as if the piercings were new and not healed.

I tried clip-on earrings, but the moment I applied any metal to my ears, that old familiar feeling of heat, swelling, and intense itching came back. I further ignored my symptoms, and the rash that began on my earlobes eventually SPREAD along down the skin of my neck , and behind my ear to my hairline, and into my ear canal, where I developed an inner ear infection.

My ears were an embarrassing mess. At this point I finally went to the doctor. It is caused by a "Contact Allergy". Doc said "no more earrings" I've been wearing them for decades, and really did not feel very pretty without them. Finally defeated I resolved to go without, which subjected my now raw ear piercings to closing up.

Then in , someone mentioned Titanium. All I could think at first was "oh sure another metal to purchase only to be disappointed again". But missing my jewelry so badly, and feeling a tiny renewed spark of hope, I rushed off to the computer to research the subject.

The more I researched metals and allergies, the more I learned about them and how they affect the human body. Why Did This Happen 1. I learned that an allergy can begin at any age but only affects those of us who are susceptible to allergies in the first place.

I learned that it takes time for the body to perceive a substance as toxic, and this is why I was able to wear my gold jewelry for so long before becoming allergic to it. I learned that there is a specific list of substances called "potential sensitizers" that are prone to causing allergic reactions to those who are susceptible.

This is how I developed an allergy to Neosporin, it is why some people don't develop an allergy to metals until they get their ears pierced, and why some can wear jewelry metals on their skin but not in their piercings. I learned that traditional jewelry metals are not pure, but instead are a mixture of metals called "Alloys". I learned that "Alloys are especially prone to causing allergies due to an electrochemical reaction that happens between dissimilar metals in the presence of moisture" even sweat or tissue fluids.

I call this an "alloy allergy". I learned that "Allergic reactions occur as moisture leaches chemicals or metal ions onto and under our skin" where our body can perceive them as toxic. I learned that Titanium in it's pure form and Niobium, as well as very few other elements, are perhaps the most bio-chemically inert compatible substances on the face of the earth! Not only because they are Pure, but also because they do not break down when exposed to the fluids of the body, nor does our body tissues break down when exposed to these natural elements!

So, for an experiment, I traded in my wedding band of a solid design that sat flat on my skin, and replaced it with an " OPEN WORK 14k gold ring setting that provided plenty of air flow around my skin, coupled that with removing my gold for showers and washing dishes and voila it worked!

My finger no longer bothered me when I wore gold rings all day, so long as I remove the jewelry before getting those areas wet, I can still wear "open work" gold rings and "open work" gold bracelets problem free! There is no way to provide air flow in the piercing of an ear. Well, manufactured Niobium earrings did not, and still do not yet exist on the market.

And unfortunately, most manufactured Titanium found in the stores and piercing salons is one of the "Surgical Implant Grade Titanium" which is Alloyed Titanium, and I needed to stay away from all alloys until I healed my eczema and pierced ears. Surgical Grade vs Pure: Many people mistakenly consider "Surgical Grade" or "Surgical Implant Grade" to mean "upgraded, or better than regular grade".

However, Surgical Implant Grade SI and Surgical Grade usually means that the metal has been alloyed in order to better meet the needs of the surgery, ie: Titanium Grade 23 is alloyed with Vanadium and Aluminum an allergenic metal. Surgical Steel was developed for Surgical Instruments, and is a special steel recipe alloyed with specific other metals in order to achieve a surgical tool that will stay sharper longer, with a harder more condensed surface which is easier to disinfect.

Surgical Steel was never meant for jewelry at all, but here again jewelry manufacturers started using the material and labeling it as "hypo-allergenic" simply because it was being used in the medical field. It is not so easy to keep away from all potential sensitizers while trying to heal our pierced ears. This is because all topical applied to the skin products that are used to clean new piercings, and even those used to help heal eczema and skin infections including the prescriptions that the doctor gives us as well as over the counter medicines , are all on the common potential sensitizer list!

Additionally cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, tissues, shampoo and conditioner are all on there too! Put nothing on your ears that you wouldn't put into your eyes! Father made a statement about God the Father being both male and female. He said Sacred Scripture has a couple of verses that quotes God as being a mother. God the Mother is rampant in feminist theology and in many Protestant denominations.

He is neither man nor woman. God is pure spirit in which there is no place for the differences between the sexes. I also found an article by Rev. Barbkw, my recommendation is for you to discuss this subject with other members of your parish, and have a serious talk with your new priest about this.

If he insists upon his lackadaisical job performance, you either need a replacement for him, or find another parish that more closely adheres to the instructions of the Pope. A priest must command respect for his position as a leader and be someone looked up to. My employees wear a uniform bearing the name of my company. I wish more priests would wear cassocks full-time. You can use these HTML tags. Email will not be published required. Click Here to Subscribe.

We truly appreciate it. Or leave a comment, we would love to hear what you think. Mass Attendance Dress Code — Msgr. December 18, at 4: July 16, at 9: May 4, at 8: November 15, at 9: June 1, at 9: May 25, at 8: June 4, at 2: May 23, at 8: January 16, at 9: June 26, at 5: June 25, at 9: May 31, at 4: June 24, at June 24, at 7: June 23, at 7: June 23, at 4: June 23, at June 23, at 2: June 23, at 1: June 22, at June 22, at 8: June 22, at 7: June 22, at 3: June 22, at 2: June 22, at 1: June 21, at 8: June 21, at September 2, at 9: August 16, at 5: August 10, at August 5, at 9: August 4, at 8: August 3, at 3: August 2, at 6: August 1, at 4: July 31, at July 30, at 9: July 22, at 7: Like Us on Facebook.

As a wedding ring distinguishes husband and wife and symbolizes the union they enjoy, so the Roman collar identifies bishops and priests and often deacons and seminarians and manifests their proximity to the Divine Master by virtue of their free consent to the ordained ministry to which they have been or may be called.

The priest does not choose his clothes — the Church has, thanks to her accumulated wisdom over the past two millennia.

Church Law requires clerics to wear clerical clothing. We have cited above number 66 of the Directory for priests, which itself quotes canon The wearing of the Roman collar is the repeated, ardent desire of Pope John Paul He frequently reminds priests of the value of wearing the Roman collar.

Idle speculation might be triggered by a priest known to neighborhood residents visiting various apartment houses dressed as a layman. The Roman collar inspires others to avoid immodesty in dress , words and actions and reminds them of the need for public decorum. A cheerful but diligent and serious priest can compel others to take stock of the manner in which they conduct themselves. The Roman collar serves as a necessary challenge to an age drowning in impurity, exhibited by suggestive dress, blasphemous speech and scandalous actions.

A priest out of his collar and, naturally, not wearing a wedding ring can appear to be an attractive target for the affections of an unmarried woman looking for a husband, or for a married woman tempted to infidelity. The Roman collar provides a reminder to the priest himself of his mission and identity: A priest in a Roman collar is an inspiration to others who think: Believers of diverse ages, nationalities and temperaments will note the virtuous, other-centered life of the man who gladly and proudly wears the garb of a Catholic priest, and perhaps will realize that they too can consecrate themselves anew, or for the first time, to the loving Good Shepherd.

The Roman collar is a source of beneficial intrigue to non-Catholics. Most non- Catholics do not have experience with ministers who wear clerical garb. Therefore, Catholic priests by virtue of their dress can cause them to reflect — even if only a cursory fashion — on the Church and what she entails.

A priest dressed as the Church wants is a reminder of God and of the sacred. The prevailing secular morass is not kind to images which connote the Almighty, the Church, etc. Two wardrobes can easily lead — and often does — to two lifestyles, or even two personalities. A priest in a Roman collar is a walking vocation message.

The sight of a cheerful, happy priest confidently walking down the street can be a magnet drawing young men to consider the possibility that God is calling them to the priesthood. God does the calling; the priest is simply a visible sign God will use to draw men unto himself. The Roman collar makes the priest available for the Sacraments, especially Confession and the Anointing of the Sick, and for crisis situations.

Because the Roman collar gives instant recognition, priests who wear it make themselves more apt to be approached, particularly when seriously needed. The authors can testify to being asked for the Sacraments and summoned for assistance in airports, crowded cities and isolated villages because they were immediately recognized as Catholic priests.

The Roman collar is a sign that the priest is striving to become holy by living out his vocation always. It is a sacrifice to make oneself constantly available to souls by being publicly identifiable as a priest, but a sacrifice pleasing to Our Divine Lord.

We are reminded of how the people came to him, and how he never turned them away. There are so many people who will benefit by our sacrifice of striving to be holy priests without interruption. The priest is a witness — for good or ill — to Christ and his Holy Church. A cheerful priest provides a salutary reminder of the Church. The wearing of clerical clothing is a sacrifice at times, especially in hot weather.

The best mortifications are the ones we do not look for. Putting up with the discomforts of heat and humidity can be a wonderful reparation for our own sins, and a means of obtaining graces for our parishioners. The Roman collar makes a powerful statement: The numbers 24 and 7 should be our special numbers: Those who are ordained as deacons, priests and bishops must also be prepared — whatever the stakes — to shepherd the flock of the Lord. Those priests who wear the Roman collar show forth their role unmistakably as leaders in the Church.

The saints have never approved of a lackadaisical approach concerning priestly vesture. Most Catholics expect their priests to dress accordingly. Priests have long provided a great measure of comfort and security to their people.

Hence, the People of God want to know who these representatives are and what they stand for. The cherished custom of wearing distinguishable dress has been for centuries sanctioned by the Church; it is not an arbitrary imposition. Catholics expect their priests to dress as priests and to behave in harmony with Church teaching and practice.

As we have painfully observed over the last few years, the faithful are especially bothered and harmed when priests defy the legitimate authority of the Church, and teach and act in inappropriate and even sinful ways. Your life is not your own; you belong to God in a special way, you are sent out to serve him with your life.

When we wake each morning, we should turn our thoughts to our loving God, and ask for the grace to serve him well that day. We remind ourselves of our status as His chosen servants by putting on the attire that proclaims for all to see that God is still working in this world through the ministry of poor and sinful men.

Mark Schwarz December 18, at 4: Len Smolen July 16, at 9: Catch up with reality or fade away into irrelevance Gloria May 4, at 8: Carol Rausch November 15, at 9: Joseph Elkins May 23, at 8: N NoraLee June 26, at 5: I will remember you in my prayers today, Father. You are in a difficult spot.

Bruce in Kansas June 25, at 9: Carole June 24, at Paul Becke June 24, at 7: Jaqueline June 23, at 4: Gray June 23, at Famijoly June 23, at Mary June 23, at 2: MGM June 23, at 1: Schultz June 22, at 8: Anita June 22, at 8: Mary June 22, at 8: Sadra B June 22, at 7: Mark Boever June 22, at 2: Nothing more disheartening then to see your local priest act as if they are hip being secular.

I like to print the info to save and share with my many friends. Trouble is I cannot print it out. Thanks be to God Pat June 22, at Ed June 22, at Frank June 22, at 8: Cornell Tandiayuk June 22, at 2: Marisa August 16, at 5: You don't see the […] Barbkw August 5, at 9: Barbkw August 3, at 3: Richard, Thank you for responding to my post.

I think most people in a parish want to be close with their priest. I have already rather unintentionally conflicted with Father.

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