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Contrast bulge accent sneakers - Back to prev cat js Boys' Clothing. Mesh layered zigzag pattern leather high-top boots - Wide Leg Jeans Along with flare jeans, wide leg jeans are great for that chic 70s look. This page gives you the nuts and bolts on what details to look for when buying a pair of jeans.

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Women's Levi's ® Jeans. The relaxed fit ™ from Levi's ® is the perfect pair of jeans for everyday casual wear. The mid high rise is always figure flattering. The straight leg can be worn cuffed with ankle boots for day and a hot pair of heels for night.
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They are printed on all types of jeans which can be worn by all. Printed jeans have beautiful prints like polka dots, flowers, stars or any other prints. They make the look more pretty and the wearer can pair it up with matching coloured tops. Pick these modern fashion jeans. On rough and tough jeans embroidery is done which is durable too like jeans.

Embroidery beautifies the look of jeans. Pretty designs are made on jeans with different looks like it can be done on only one side and the other side is plane or only limited to the pockets or only till the length of thighs. Different colours and artistic embroidery makes the jeans to stand at a higher level.

The patching of rag type cloth is done to give it a cool look. Geometrical shapes are made by patching on jeans. If you want a very fashionable look then you can go for patch work of flowers, stars, candy and others. They all look pretty and you can even match it with the same patch worked design top. It gives a very funky look. The overall jeans were also worn by workers in old times, even today at some places people wear it.

The overall has straps to hold your jeans and a front covering. They are great for kids to hold on their jeans and besides that it is popular among ladies jeans. You can pair it with tops with contrasting colours and can wear it during your leisure time. It is referred to as the jumpsuit. Colourful things are liked by all. These are jeans for ladies who love some bright colours. The best thing about coloured jeans is that you can increase your top count in your wardrobe to do matching.

Coloured jeans are available in various colours like pink, blue, green etc with many other shades of them. You can steal attention with the new style of jeans. Painted Ladies jeans should not be confused and mixed with printed jeans. They are totally different in their looks. The painted jeans are very trendy jeans; they have metallic painting, modern painting, rustic painting and others.

They just look pretty. The denim jeans not only done on blue but are also available in other colour jeans. Most of us know that under ripped jeans the scratched pattern is also available but no scratched jeans are different from ripped jeans.

Though they also look like destroyed jeans but ripped ones have cut off and scratched jeans have scratched patterns all over. Scratched ladies jeans look cool when worn and add-on sunglasses to look stunning.

This jeans pant gives a very bold look. Crochets are beautiful designs of different fabrics. Some of them are also stretchable and are used in jeans. They are added to sides or in front or at the lower part of jeans to make them look unique.

They are latest in fashion and is gaining popularity among ladies. Every one love to wear them in parties to show their beautiful outfits. Local youth bring the story of Levi Strauss and his famous denim trousers to life on stage in "Jeans!

When Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss first received the patent for their riveted denim jeans, they had no idea that those jeans would become an iconic symbol of America alongside apple pie, an emblem of youth rebellion in the s, or the subject of a musical that opens on June 2 in Mountain View.

The Musical" is the brainchild of locals Caryn Yacowitz and Diane Claerbout, who first started writing about Strauss and Davis while writing stories for a Jewish magazine for children, called "Shofar. Yacowitz had been writing for years -- she started out with a book celebrating the 75th birthday of the Palo Alto Children's Theater and never looked back. But after several years and many children's books , her love of theater got the best of her.

She and Claerbout found a theatrical thread in their story about Levi Strauss and decided to pull on it. And what resulted was a play about hope, ingenuity and working together to fulfill a dream. They partnered with their friend Enid Davis, a children's librarian and the former Library Director of the Harker School in San Jose, who had written a musical parody of children's fairy tales for second graders.

Using songs in the popular domain, Enid created new lyrics for "Jeans! This original version of "Jeans! Boot Cut Jeans Popular Sit loose through the leg and wide at the leg opening.

This cut look good on all body shapes because it streamlines your body frame, making it look long and lean. However, it may not be the best option if you're average built not skinny nor plus size Petite - because the slightly wide leg opening tends to swallow up your body frame.

See how it works for you - if it overpowers your silohuette then opt for straight leg. Feature a wide, flared opening from your knees and down. For a chic 70's look, pair them up with a fitted turtleneck sweater. Wide Leg Jeans Trés chic Feature wide opening from your thighs and down. Looks awesome with a fitted top or shirt. Want to shop wide leg jeans? Click here Need free fashion advice on how to buy and wear wide leg jeans? Then click here Unfortunately, they're not the best match if you're short.

However, if that's your case then add an inch or two to your footwear - and look for the skinniest and fitted wide leg jeans you can find.

Looks pretty good on slim and lean shapes, but can be worn by anyone as long as they style them in conjunction with the shape of their clothes. Capri Jeans Perfect for summer Hemline is just below your knee - often right above or on the calf. Click here to shop and learn more about womens capri pants.

Cropped Jeans Trendy Covers three-fourths of your legs. They look stunning with a pair of high heels. Cropped jeans can make your legs look longer and leaner - just make sure they extend down to above the thinnest part of your ankles and somewhere below your mid-calf. Also, this leg cut should never flare at the hem unless you're going to wear them at home. Cuffed Jeans Stylish Have the same length as shorts, cropped or capri but refer to jeans that is folded at the leg opening.

If you have thick ankles take extra precautions as details like folds can make them look bigger. Too big cuffs can also drag down a petite's body frame.

Pair the cuff jeans with heels for a maximum leg slimming effect. Dark Wash Jeans Classic and Versatile A deep indigo color which is quite versatile and makes it easy to combine with all colors and clothes. They can also be worn for casual office settings. They slim down and make your legs look longer. I advise any fashionista to secure at least 2 pair of dark wash jeans to ward off laundry days. Light Blue Jeans Stylish Have either a sunbleached or light-dye look.

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